Rosé of Pinot Noir



A medium to high acidity Rosé with smooth and buttery finish. Full bodied, fruit forward, and dry.

Flavor Profile

Notes of rose, pomegranate, and strawberry, with a green, herb-like finish.


Our Rosé of Pinot Noir pairs wonderfully with fatty seafood fishes like salmon or tuna. For vegetable dishes, corn salads or herbs and floral tasting dishes work well.

What better way to enjoy Rosé than with a refreshing Rosé of Pinot Noir? Enjoy a spring-like dry flavor that pairs well with delicate yet flavorful dishes, such as aromatic seafood or herbed salads.

In the delightful valley known as Applegate, Dr. Kim found the perfect environment for the perfect wine. Now, Dr. Kim really wants to share with you her voice, her way and her journey of success.

“Join with me and taste the beauty of the mountains, the flowing water, the shining sun and the fresh air in my wine.”