A journey to beauty

A Note from Dr. Kim

Welcome to my ranch that I call the Promised Land!

Here, you can find the dreams of your sanctuary, your paradise. The air is crystal clear. You can smell the sweet fragrance and taste the warmth of this amazing land.

Have you ever experienced the Northern Lights? Here at Promised Land, you can feel the same glow of light energy coming from inside of you when you look up and see the Milky Way.

Close your eyes. Can you feel it? The Milky Way is so close you can reach up and touch the millions of stars above you.

All the vineyards drink the water from the natural Applegate River so that when you bite into the grapes, the sweet juice tickles your tastebuds and energizes your spirit. It is the nectar of Heaven!

When you walk through the vineyards, you will feel the energy that dances with the grapes in this amazing terroir. Lie down between the vines, then look up and you can see hundreds of grapes calling out to you. Close your eyes. Can you see it? Can you taste the sweetness?

Come, join me on an adventure to excite all your senses in a natural environment that produces the perfect grapes to make perfect wines.

Our Process

Starting with a single seed, grown with love and joy.

Oregon’s most famous Wine Country, the Applegate Valley, is home to TYK Vineyard.

Here at the Promised Land, we capture all the elements of earth, air, water and fire in a perfect harmony that flows with the Rhythm of Life.

Our vineyards are in an ideal location with the perfect terroir to produce the perfect wines.