Are you a wine lover?

Are you in search of the best wine?

Search no more!

The wines from TYK Vineyard will whisper to your soul and let you know that these are the best wines grown in the best terroir.

The air, the oceans, and the earth around the world are filled with contamination.

Here at TYK Vineyard, I have preserved this sanctuary land that will bring you the feelings of peace, joy, harmony and tranquility as you would find in Shangri-la.

Walk among the trees, next to the vines, around the ponds, by the river, on the mountain tops – you will feel the sun’s rays hugging you during the day and the Milky Way wrapping around you at night like a warm blanket.

Open the door to a new world within yourself, your own private refuge, away from the chaos and stress in your daily life.

Energize your senses with an exhilarating orchestra of Earth, Air, Water and Sunlight that move together in symphony to create the Rhythm of Life.

You will feel the Heavenly joy in all the wines that we make with the grapes grown at the Promised Land in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon.