Cabernet Sauvignon


Our Cabernet Sauvignon hits the mark when it comes to full-bodied perfection. Enjoy its bold, sweet, and warm finish and its rich and silky tannins.

Flavor Profile

Strong notes of currant, baking spices, and licorice, accompanied with secondary notes of cedar and a tobacco-esque aroma.


Enjoy our highly indulgent Cabernet Sauvignon along with your favorite rich and strong flavored dishes. Prime rib, bratwurst, and strong cheeses like gruyere or swiss are sure to highlight this wine.

When crafting this wine, we focused on staying true to the goal of every good Cabernet Sauvignon: to deliver a bold, all-encompassing flavor that can’t be overlooked. Enjoy the indulgence and perfection of our warm and inviting Cabernet Sauvignon. 

In the delightful valley known as Applegate, Dr. Kim found the perfect environment for the perfect wine. Now, Dr. Kim really wants to share with you her voice, her way and her journey of success.

“Join with me and taste the beauty of the mountains, the flowing water, the shining sun and the fresh air in my wine.”